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Title: Dear Nobody

Author: Berlie Doherty

Publishing year: 1991



The story is about two young teenagers named Chris and Helen that falls in love. They take their relationship to another level and decide to have sex for the first time. And she gets pregnant.

   The whole book is about her writing to the baby that she calls Nobody. The thing about the book is that’s it written in the focus of the emotions that both of them feel, but also how the relationship takes its turn when they found out that they are going to have a baby. The book is written in two points of view and they switch turns as the head characters. You get to follow their life and what both of the teenage parents think about her getting pregnant.

   Helen decides to keep the baby though she’s only eighteen years old. She’s a top student and has already got a degree to a dance university. Her mom wants her to get an abortion and thinks she is destroying her future by keeping it. They don’t have a good relationship with each other and Helen feels lonely and that’s why she turns to the baby by writing to it. She hated the baby at first when she found out but as soon as it grew inside of her she started to love it and couldn’t go through with the abortion. Chris, on the other hand, is banished from seeing Helen and get shut out from the pregnancy. He’s also a good student but not as good as Helen. He had also made up plans for the future by study at the University. He feels angry with Helen because all he wants is to be with her no matter what. He loves her deeply and he feels betrayed because he has nothing to say about the pregnancy. Every decision was made by Helen and her family. He’s not even allowed to see or talk to her. He tries to get in touch with her without any results.

My own thoughts about the book


I think the book was very good because it never got boring to read. It happens things all the time and you get inside both of their minds. What I noticed about the book is that they never describe what the main character looks like. It makes it interesting because it could be anyone and you can only imagine it yourself. So the character is not the same person for those who read the book. You could use your own imagination though it is a story.

   It has a very important message as well. You get touched by the feelings they have. Everyone can make mistakes in life but this is so big, it’s about another life that you bring to this world. At first when Helen hated the baby I understood her but I also got angry with her. When she decided to keep it and started to love it I also understood her thoughts. You could follow her growing up in her mind. She changed her priorities and all she lived for was her baby, that she called Nobody. I felt sorry for them both because they didn’t know what they were going to do. They both were scared of the big change that happened in their life that they had no control over. The baby was coming no matter what.

   I felt the most sorry for Chris for being shut out of the pregnancy. He didn’t just loose the love of his life, he also lost something so beautiful as a pregnancy and to get to know his unborn child. He was miserable almost through the entire whole book except when he was with her. But in the end it all makes sense to him…

By: Jennifer Hultman



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